Why is it the criminal continues reoffending?

72000 in Twenty 17
that puts it safely see

Millions dead millions dying 
And healthcare continues lobbying and lying
recommendation rebranding

Oxy abuse; far too profuse
lock up the afflicted
Who cares they're addicted

Switch Oxy suboxone
Change Rehab to Treatment
Call it Medically Assisted 
MAT acronym; simplistic solution 
profitable propaganda resolution

Such a perfect strategy
Simple fix they're all saying 
No need for dissolution

Keep cannabis stuck, doesn't matter 
A national emergency 
A Plant possessing epidemic efficacy 

The data's still mining still determining 
Just wait until there's more findings
Unconcerned with words like victim or timing 

Early on MAT is possibly promising 
Focus all efforts on suboxone therapy
Sounds a whole lot like Substitution to me 
Only in America can the accountable 
Millions dead millions dying 
Pitch propaganda so simple so effective
Continue on lying while epidemic is looming

Such a simple resolution
Millions dead millions dying 
And healthcare continues lobbying and lying

I wish I had the solution 
Unfortunate for me 
Just a simple statistic 
Looking for effective recovery 

Not all that long ago
Had Hope, had health
Typical happy human 
Good college great career
No clue about poppies blooming

Skills such as savvy, smart, biz acumen
No real problems no fear
What's the deal with all these pseudo-acronyms?

As life does it got duller 
Subconsciously searching for meaning 
Purpose, now there's a quandary to consider 
Always thought of being a real believer
Words like Pontificate and ponder
That's a journey for folks---however
Doesn't it lead to zealots and preachers?

Hope, Grace, and Faith just---catch words 
for Reverend or Pastor who yell out and holler 
from their pulpit of power 

The Bible's not true just some book about glory 
Not at all the answer to life's mystery story
Not even if possibly?
(public domain)
Never thought once of content or author
Poetry piece or Paradox Peace?
Possibly likely; Certainly not!
Must be dreaming again...
Wake up! Don't open this door
Actually thinking someone would read this?
Certainly not! Person or poet?
How could one know?
Self-seeking---perhaps ---is this work pure?
Pressure is building—precipice nearing
Is this the thing that I've been fearing ?

Where to look?
What if there was a book that gave answers
A place of old teachings
Always fun knowledge seeking 
Understanding what—or who brought us here

Why is everything so interconnected?
Webs of webs further filling
The blank space its disappearing 

There's a hell down below
It gives a good glimpse of the face of pure evil
A yard from hell is a place called prison; an all-time low
Sent away for couple pills as means for punishing 
Hadn't a clue in the world that it would lead to a path of self-discovering
There's a book of Life, that's' something worth mentioning
A blueprint for finding joy from suffering
Must tread lightly in all life's daily happenings
No longer capable of an up close and personal
 With the powerful prince of the air 
Keep hearing there's a seventy five
Percent chance of reoffending?
(public domain)
Three arrests, for simple possession, 
Ten years left as GDOC property 
What happened to forgiven or member of society?

Grouping all felons and call them convicts
The most diverse label of folks in this nation
With Full-employment engulfing a booming economy 
We got folks like me lost in a system
Labels stick
Never thought it possible 
Of being a convict—
Now in the same damn group
As Bundy and Dahmer, 
Does simple possession make one a criminal? 
Unemployed, Unemployable, if only they'd listen

Took losing everything before finding the missing
The powerful light can sometimes be blinding 
Must tread lightly when out here knowledge seeking 
Commonplace for convict cohesion with mentality mining
Desolation and abomination, words need not refining
Make one a zealot, others dismiss
Another crazy Christian babbling
Far from fixed--best practice, keep him distant
While the other now afraid
Scared to seek that mystery meaning 
(public domain)
Straight jacket, boots strapped
 Keep quiet and sit
Could be labeled this time as a criminal snitching

Counselors and corrections supporters and service
Dealers and Users immoral unmentionables
The criminal causality
Unaware of things like Consciously sleeping
Amazing how powerful--the art of  perceiving
Counselors and corrections, ones worth supporting
Drugs and deaths run rampant
places paid for protecting
Who's doing the determining for cause and effect?

The motive isn't just to be able to earn a living
While trying to work resources aimed at assisting
It's more than selfish much more it seems
No expectations and no more possibility pondering
Shine a light so bright, it really does glisten
Careful now though could cause a schism
Is there anyone out there that's actually listening?
Fame and fortune that's conventional wisdom

Silver and Gold at the end of the tunnel
Aiming for much more than rubies or pearls
Take that powerful light and feed through a funnel
String things together make perspectives disproportionate
Flip the way its perceived over once more
Find footing at the face of the tunnel
Humans and resources all over the place
Values worth noting like all-Inclusive and diversity seeking
Gets one excited—maybe much more there than just a store
(public domain)
Disclaimers, aren't those for filling blank space?
Solve a problem get down to its core
Ban-the-Box powerful and effective legislation
Toolbox utility aimed at fixing this nation
Why is it that criminals continues reoffending?

Now got frustrated HR recruiters and managers 
Wasting their time with convicts and criminals
Waiting out all-exclusive background checks

Professional career seeker
Learning to master that Application Tracking
Systems or symptoms? Systemic epidemics 
Think I could write a dissertation?
Can't believe university runs a background check
Census work, nevermind fail to pass the FBI kind

Skill building, while networking and elevator pitching
Towing a line that once felt unethical
Just put it out there 
Whats the worst that could happen?
Further fracturing a fragile state of being afflicted 
Maybe its therapy for healing
The humans say we're diseased and addicted 

Closet of clothes. none actually fitting, 
Other belongings all stolen or vanished
Lost count now of the job leads
Faded and altogether rescinded
Could be looking for answers or someone to blame

That's what convicts do, right? 
Just another complacent defendant 
Further fracturing a fragile mind at the edge or its limit
Inspired to write
Share a story that’s not easy to solicit
Learned firsthand news feeds aren't meant to have meaning

Does this platform offer more than a medium

Share truth give meaning
Becoming Brennan--wake up! Stop dreaming

Hope, a powerful word, often heard,
Faith, Love, Grace;
Storybook worth seeking
Shine a light so bright, it really does glisten

Millions dead Millions dying
And healthcare continues lobbying and lying

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