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Hemp, which contains cannabidiol or CBD is now legal in every state after the Farm Bill Act of 2018 federally fueled what the 2014 Agricultural Act had started to spark when legislating & inevitably legalizing industrial hemp once more.

However, due to the governments storied history of ineffective cross-functional collaboration, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is preventing CBD from becoming an approved medication or even supplement for that matter. They believe that further tests are needed before anyone can claim its medicinal efficacy or whether its even safe for human consumption.

Because of their stoic shortcomings, they managed to make the market much more lucrative than many ever thought possible (human nature use case study). They will ultimately end up leaving billions, if not trillions, in untapped taxation until this prohibition ends. And are causing reactionary problems because once again the earth's greatest government doesn't see being proactive as opposed to overly cautious as as public healthcare issue number one.
Map of USA depicting legal status of recreation & medicinal cannabis by state or territory
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The CBD business space is still growing faster than any other market in America. And if you do your homework, follow the marketing rules set forth by the Federal Trade Commission and FDA, you should still catch the profitability wave that's engulfing this continent. 


  1. Don't market your products as medicinally beneficial.
  2. Don't underestimate the power of publishing the lab results.
  3. Don't get caught offering an inferior product.


  1. Do be an encyclopedia of informative answers.
  2. Do be available for any and all questions potential customers may have.
  3. Do continue to pose the unpopular opinion.
And have a purpose for service. You'll be just fine. And if ,like myself, living in the southeastern United States, hopefully we'll be coming in right on time.

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