Insightful Analytics Aiming to Answer Opioid Epidemics

An ArcGis Opportunity Project United States Census Big Data that makes perfect sense folks
Foreword by Brennan Poole 

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 Opioids and opiates now kill more Americans than car accidents or gun violence. The drug knows no bounds. And does not discriminate. Having fallen victim to it myself and still being stuck with the stigma, lack of employability, and self-worth issues that it creates, this topic is of paramount importance to me.

I have been studying the crisis almost non-stop now for just over two months. There's countless causes and endless answers but there's little action to speak of. This project, aptly titled "Opportunity" offers actionable insight. And uses the power of big data to create actionable alternatives & actual answers.

The Opportunity Project used open data from the Census Bureau, New York State Department of Health and New York Emergency Management Services to assess and analyze the opioid problem across the country. It's a great example of data science and its importance. It also speaks volumes for the progress/work that's being done with the open government initiative and the efforts by the CDC & US Census Bureau. 

Tough questions in discussion:

  • How far are people traveling for one pharmacy?
  • How many other pharmacies are closer by drive time for beneficiaries?
  • How many did they likely pass on the way to this other pharmacy?

Actionable Insight:

  • Saturdays are the most significant day of the week for drug-related calls, followed by Sundays in the summer months.
  • Peak call times are between 9 and 11 pm.

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