Age:31 - 40 years old Use Case: Inflammation/Pain Management

Actual #CBDreview wout any hidden motives OR affiliate links.
Researched, Reviewed, Read nearly it all, and well worth it in the end when I made the decision to TryTheCBD
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From 05/10/19-07/17/19 I spent anywhere from 2-10 hours a day studying all things cannabis and CBD (because it was either do that or give in and go back to abusing/misusing prescription pain pills). After the most extensive self-education of my 36 years on Earth, TrytheCBD was the obvious choice.

Their site build, color palette, name, logo, lab results, labeling, location, blog, and unmatched uniformity across the web, lead me to that conclusion. I have been more than happy with the shatter itself and couldn't have been more impressed with the way in which the product was both discreetly and professionally packaged/shipped from CO to GA.

Cannabidiol offers remedies unmet in modern medicine because its a whole body and mind wellness solution. It requires an objective mindset and the willingness to both learn and grow as a human. I say that because should anyone do the research without letting preconceived notions, or bias effect their thinking, they too will come to the exact same conclusion that cannabis is an herbaceous plant with tons of natural wellness as well as psychotropic benefits and features. Not only that, its a way of life that's easy to grab hold of and steer toward once the cannabinoid fever kicks in.

Cannabis is great for recreational enjoyment in your youth (was for me anyways) and even better for overall health and vitality as your mind and body begin to age and deteriorate in adulthood.

And "that's all I've really got to say about that", at least until I launch a platform that maybe someday could be worthy of sharing the same internet as TRYTHECBD.COM.

#CervicalRadiculopathy #ChronicBackPain #FormerOpioidAddict and #CurrentCannabidiolAdvocate using #CBDtoRecovery with #TryTheCBD to help maintain my sanity and continue with #NineteenMonthsSobriety #TheStruggleIsRealYall is my personal email and I'm available 24/7 for anyone looking for answers, seeking alternatives, or praying for anything to help them find a peace of mind.
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Actual Review (google Drive Link No need to worry about this being a solicitation)
Actual Review (google Drive Link No need to worry about this being a solicitation)

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