Curiosity Comparisons:

Canada & The Once Great Nation; The Divided States of America

by Brennan Poole

Have you ever been curious about how other countries handle national issues? 

Especially the ones America either can't comprehend or further complicate by mishandling, misappropriating or missing the mark altogether. I find myself asking that question almost daily now. 

That's probably because my country mishandled, misappropriated and missed the mark on me and my 'problem'. And when they stepped in, whether you agree with my perspective or not, they took my life and have managed to make it look like a monkey f★☆ing a football. Like a football bat. Like a fu★☆ed up equation with a monkey in it okay.

I could spend the rest of this digital space on woe is me, pathetic pity-pandering and showing off my email address pimp game. But I don't believe in domain name trafficking and the Two Thousand Twenty version of solicitation for prostitution. 

I may very well be Chasing the Wind with reckless abandon. As there seems to be no profit under the sun unless I do just that.  

But, like Qoheleth, I aim to be an objective oriented, perspective taking blogger (that doesn't have a clue how to properly blog), Becoming Brennan (hence my handle @BecomingBrennan).

📌 Tangent. Real quick, I have struggled with publishing or 'blogging' because of technical shφt and piss poor rationalizations. Such as that period after the parentheses. Does it go in the parentheses or just outside? That's a perfect example as to why I've been afraid to put my thoughts out there. A f★☆ing period placement! No mas. And back to it.📍  

I thought it wise to have a look see at how other countries are handling this "opioid epidemic."

The journey starts with our good buddy Canada; my friends. The all-to-often under rated and always overlooked northern neighbors to our Divided States of America.

Federal actions on opioids – Overview -

And the homework for the night. Have a look around the site. Let's compare notes first thing tomorrow. How bout it?

Til then my friends. 

Brennan has a date with Wilderness Walking; wait--Wondering. While Wandering... 


I like that one but it may be too much, maybe yes; maybe no.

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