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Cannabis Conference 2020

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A Big Year for Civil Rights Advocacy in the South

Across the country, the criminal justice system is both a cause and consequence of racial and social inequity, poverty, and violence. That is why by focusing our work on ending mass incarceration, we are supporting some the most vulnerable families and communities in our country, as featured in our ANNUAL REPORT. 

New Book: Design Thinking at Work

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Design Thinking at Work
    Design Thinking at Work        How Innovative Organizations are Embracing Design Learn More >

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Brennan, New eBook: An Introduction to Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft Cloud

An Introduction to Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft Cloud, read now  

New eBook
An Introduction to Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft Cloud
    An Introduction to Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft Cloud        Cloud computing is now one of the biggest necessities for any business that carries out web-based operations. Learn More >


What should we do about vapes?

September 27, 2019 


A recent outbreak of vape-related lung illness has sickened hundreds and killed several people over the last month. Addressing this problem requires regulation - not prohibition.
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Watch: An introduction to CBD — and what Washington might do about it

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Fair Use because you damn right Tom would approve
Hemp, which contains cannabidiol or CBD is now legal in every state after the Farm Bill Act of 2018 federally fueled what the 2014 Agricultural Act had started to spark when legislating & inevitably legalizing industrial hemp once more.


Opioid Epidemic 'Road Map' Shows 76 Billion Pills Distributed Between 2006 And 2012

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Washington Post reporter Scott Higham about federal data that shows the scope of the opioid crisis: 76 billion pills distributed between 2006 through 2012

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Out of the Wilderness & Into the Promised Land Podcast Peace Episode 001

New Report: "Is Cannabis a Gateway Drug? Key Findings and Literature Review"

Gateway Hypothesis Debunked: "Correlation Does Not Imply Causation"

Due to this study being of an epidemiological nature, most of the grammar and syntax was kept in tact in order to preserve its fidelity. 

 Below is a link to nearly the entire article.
In Lo-fidelity. Recorded with an iphone. And Zira translating



The Twenty Twenty Rx Drug Abuse Heroin & Drug Summit Call for Presentations is Now Open 

"The Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit is the largest national collaboration of professionals from local, state, and federal agencies, business, academia, treatment providers, and allied communities impacted by substance use disorder."

How professional of the professionals to iterate Drugs & Abuse.

Last time I checked, we were supposed to be ending stigma & pushing the substance use and misuse propaganda.


Insightful Analytics Aiming to Answer Opioid Epidemics

An ArcGis Opportunity Project United States Census Big Data that makes perfect sense folks
Foreword by Brennan Poole 

Photo credit: DES Daughter on / CC BY-NC-SA
 Opioids and opiates now kill more Americans than car accidents or gun violence. The drug knows no bounds. And does not discriminate. Having fallen victim to it myself and still being stuck with the stigma, lack of employability, and self-worth issues that it creates, this topic is of paramount importance to me.

I have been studying the crisis almost non-stop now for just over two months. There's countless causes and endless answers but there's little action to speak of. This project, aptly titled "Opportunity" offers actionable insight. And uses the power of big data to create actionable alternatives & actual answers.

The Opportunity Project used open data from the Census Bureau, New York State Department of Health and New York Emergency Management Services to assess and analyze the opioid problem across the country. It's a great example of data science and its importance. It also speaks volumes for the progress/work that's being done with the open government initiative and the efforts by the CDC & US Census Bureau. 

Tough questions in discussion:

  • How far are people traveling for one pharmacy?
  • How many other pharmacies are closer by drive time for beneficiaries?
  • How many did they likely pass on the way to this other pharmacy?

Actionable Insight:

  • Saturdays are the most significant day of the week for drug-related calls, followed by Sundays in the summer months.
  • Peak call times are between 9 and 11 pm.

Addressing Problematic Opioid Use in OECD Countries

The OECD is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
foreword by The OUD Collective™

Putting Public Domain to Use

The report highlights the opioid crisis as a complex public health issue that requires a comprehensive approach across all sectors, including health, social services, and law enforcement.

Oh yea, it also, along with the rest of the divisions, systems, committees, and departments, recommends MAT, Buprenorphine, opioid for opioid, as a utility in fighting.

SUBoxone +/SUBstitution is a bandaid not a resolution solution.

Untreated and solicited the way this partial agonist, partial antagonist, complete atheist currently is, SUBoxone users will continue inadvertently dying. Further adding to the epidemic problem. Further feeding big pharma. Further depressing the American people. And its already begun slithering its way through Australia. And Africa. It's been in Canada as their proximity gave them no shot at avoiding.

Why not Mexico? Culture? Mota? Financial Means... Wait--wha; aren't they the ones fueling it; requiring us to build an impenetrable wall? No. Doc's the Daily dealer these days folks.

Back to the OECD and their objective assessment. All in all, it's an impressive read. Otherwise it wouldn't have made the Collectives feed.


Remote Worker Resources Really Worth Reviewing

by Brennan Poole of PromisedLandBlog

A great infographic and powerful resource for anyone looking to enter the remote work space.
General. Developer. Marketing. Plus Niche Jobs and Job Boards for the Remote Workers.


Curiosity Comparisons:

Canada & The Once Great Nation; The Divided States of America

by Brennan Poole

Have you ever been curious about how other countries handle national issues? 

Especially the ones America either can't comprehend or further complicate by mishandling, misappropriating or missing the mark altogether. I find myself asking that question almost daily now. 


Drug and Opioid-Involved Overdose Deaths — United States, 2013–2017

In 2017, among 70,237 drug overdose deaths, 47,600 (67.8%) involved opioids 

Lawrence Scholl, PhD1; Puja Seth, PhD1; Mbabazi Kariisa, PhD1; Nana Wilson, PhD1; Grant Baldwin, PhD1

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